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API purchases real estate through our network of the largest leaders in the Houston real estate industry and surrounding areas. We are tasked with finding off market properties for investors like you, to begin creating you cash flow, in as early as 90 days from your initial investment. This means you start investing right away on already pre-qualified and inspected properties not available on the market. This provides the biggest payouts for you and your real estate portfolio. Don’t have a lot of money to invest? No need to worry! We offer a variety of investment plans to quickly begin building your net worth!

What if I don’t have a lot of money to invest?
How does it work then?

Depending on your investment amount, you are put into transactions that are backed by what is known as real estate ‘crowdfunding.’ It’s a simple process of pairing other invest who contribute small sums of money into a real estate project that is right for them. Those small amounts end up funding the project and they get paid based upon their financial contribution to the property project.

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3 Easy Steps

Traditional Process

Rated one of the most stressful experiences for new or first-time real estate investors

Spend weeks or months searching for an investment opportunity and could still be outbid in the end.
The purchase price of the house.
Rehab costs.
Appraisals and inspections carried out on the property (examples: inspections for pests, foundation inspections).
Holding costs, Realtor fees, and closing costs.
Down payments on loans.
Loan interest and THOUSANDS of dollars in fees, closing cost, and agent commissions.
Hazard Insurance costs during a property flip.
THOUSANDS of dollars in fees, closing costs, and agent commissions.
Hours upon hours of driving to properties, stacks of paperwork and contracts to go through, booking appointments, and follow up phone calls to ensure the proper steps are meeting their deadlines.
Uncertain of outcome at every step of the way..
The API Way

Peace of Mind Throughout.

Get an No-obligation API investment offer within 24 hours.
No dealing with realtors, No additional signings, No Hassles, and No Strings Attached.
No need to worry about inspections, repairs, or scheduling contractors to complete any work needed. It’s all done for you!
No Hidden Fees, and No Additional Closing Costs.
Watch as your money quickly grows.
It is making money as easy as 1-2-3.
Provide investors with opportunities to purchase prime real estate properties for their personal portfolios.
Updates on the latest investment opportunities.


Founded in 2022, Amazing Property Investments (API) is a certified Veteran owned business based in the Houston area and teamed up with local and statewide real estate acquisition distribution companies, contractors, top level real estate and marketing agencies. This means all of our properties are seen only by our representatives in our network. It also means faster sales for our investors on prime real estate and commercial properties. Our sole purpose is to find and purchase properties that match our clients very specific needs. If you are eventually looking to move up portfolios and acquire rental or commercial properties as well, we specialize in that too!

We understand the process and the emotions associated with real estate transaction.

Luckily for you, we have eliminated all the points that cause stress and anxiety such as waiting for good deals, dealing with agents, and not being assured that your investments will sell. Welcome peace of your real estate peace of mind!

About Jeff Presley

Jeff is a dynamic Real Estate Investor and Mentor

He is a leader with a vision for improving the industry and country. Jeff is a recent graduate of Texas A&M, achieving highest honors (Summa Cum Laude) with a 3.9 GPA and obtained a dual Master’s in Wealth Management and Risk Management and Compliance.


Discovered a unique avenue to allow beginners or relatively new investors of real estate, an opportunity to invest without all the hassles and headaches of traditional real estate transactions.

Jeff Presley

Investors can maximize their investment potential .

Watch their money grow while API does all the work for you! Jeff is an innovative investment professional at API, working with a network of over 2400 agents.

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    He founded Amazing Property Investments (API) with a vision of improving and changing the life trajectory of clients and their families. By offering a substantially larger return on investment (ROI), low-risk strategies, diverse marketing tools, financial guidance, portfolio management, and the support of our team agents, lending, and vendor partners, all with the goal of building a network of investors from the ground up into millionaires

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